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I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in Macroecology and Macroevolution, Community and Theoretical Ecology, Landscape Ecology, and Natural History. I am affiliated with the Department of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior, University of Minnesota. I am a member of the ASCEND Biology Integration Institute. The ASCEND–Advancing Spectral biology in Changing ENvironments to understand Diversity–Biology Integration Institute aims to understand the causes and consequences of plant biodiversity across scales in an era of rapid global change. I am also a founder member of the Association for the advancement of the sciences of Santa Cruz and the Scientific research council of Santa Cruz for the Bolivian Academy of Sciences (Scientia Crucencis).

I am particularly interested in understanding the geographical patterns of biodiversity and the structure of ecological communities, and the underlying processes that drive, maintain and alter such patterns. My work concentrates on terrestrial systems, with a focus on avifauna, vascular plants but also encompassing other terrestrial groups. I integrate evolutionary and ecological theories of biodiversity and develop methodological advances to unveil processes acting in concert at different temporal and spatial scales. The ultimate aim of my research program is to apply insights gained from understanding the onset of biodiversity patterns to inform conservation and management responses to ongoing global change and biodiversity loss.

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